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BNi Building News Business Masterfile

The BNi Building News Business Masterfile reaches building industry professionals who purchase BNi Building News, Construction Books Express, and reference materials covering all aspects of construction.


696,495 Total Universe / Universe Rate $160.00/M
696,495 Buyers $160.00/M
417,314 Telemarketing + $65.00/M
510,241 Email Addresses $300.00/M
Transmission + $120.00/M


The BNi Building News Masterfile reaches building industry professionals who purchase BNi Building News, Construction Books Express, and reference materials covering all aspects of construction. These professionals are engaged in markets ranging from architectural design to facilities management and need quality publications and products to meet high industry standards and manage a successful business. They purchase products ranging from drafting and design publications to building materials.


This list is comprised of professionals who are executives, architects, engineers, contractors, builders, engineers, facilities managers, electricians, subcontractors, construction supervisors, plumbers, masons, government personnel, and public works professionals. Reach professionals who are engaged in a variety of trades including residential and commercial construction, highway construction, water and sewer installation, carpentry, painting, masonry work, HVAC installation, roofing, and excavation services. From concept to construction, these individuals are up to date on current building trends and industry regulations. They rely on BNi Publications to bring them the most comprehensive sources of construction books, building codes, legal forms and contracts, cost estimating tools, construction and building standards, educational materials, licensing study guides, facilities management, and more for the building trades.


Reach professionals who have the authority to recommend or purchase building and construction publications and products. They buy publications in business management, construction law, engineering, fire and safety, green building techniques, home repair, drafting and design, interior design, electrical wiring how-to, and welding. They also buy products that include lumber, metals, lighting, plumbing materials, flooring, heavy equipment, asphalt and composites, landscaping materials, cable, sealants, and paints.


Professionals in the BNi Building News Masterfile are receptive to marketing offers from retailers, government agencies, direct mail and email marketers, software developers, tradeshow coordinators, industry publications, financial institutions, alternative energy providers, real estate developers, and continuing education providers. Multi-channel marketing is available.


Home address 129,392


    Employee Size   (20.00/M)
    1 to 4 	46,349 	
    5 to 9 	45,993 	
    10 to 19 	29,836 	
    20 to 49 	30,673 	
    50 to 99 	19,573 	
    100 to 249 	15,973 	
    250 to 499 	6,875 	
    500 to 999 	3,891 	
    1,000 to 4,999 	2,233 	
    5,000 to 9,999 	105 	
    Industry   (20.00/M)
    Architects/Engineers 	40,346 	
    Architects 	17,050 	
    Engineers 	15,013 	
    Professional Practice Firms 	20,706 	
    General Contractors 	162,540 	
    Subcontractors 	146,857 	
    Residential Address 	104,278 	
    Facilities Manager 	105,880 	
    Government Agency 	30,863 	
    Legal 	4,453 	
    Bookstore/Reseller 	2,251 	
    Sales Volume   (20.00/M)
    Less than $500,000 	22,258 	
    $500,000 to $1 Million 	23,157 	
    $1 Million to $2.5 Million 	32,342 	
    $2.5 Million to $ 5 Million 	28,833 	
    $5 Million to $10 Million 	21,139 	
    $10 Million to $50 Million 	30,710 	
    $50 Million to $100 Million 	7,365 	
    $100 Million to $500 Million 	7,543 	
    $500 Million to $1 Billion 	1,166 	
    Over $1 Billion 	1,829 	
    Unknown 	29,653 	
    SIC Code   (20.00/M)
    Construction: 1521 General Contractors - Single-Family Houses 	2,575 	
    Construction: 1522 
    General Contractors-Residential Buildings, Other Than Single-Family 	38,660 	
    Construction: 1542 
    General Contractors-Nonresidential Buildings, Other than Industrial 	2,887 	
    Construction: 1611 Highway and Street Construction (Except Elevated Highways) 	812 	
    Construction: 1711 Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning HVAC 	11,860 	
    Construction: 1731 Electrical Work 	8,157 	
    Construction: 1741 Masonry, Stone Setting and Other Stone Work 	971 	
    Construction: 1742 Plastering, Drywall, Acoustical and Insulation Work 	1,240 	
    Construction: 1751 Carpentry Work 	831 	
    Construction: 1761 Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal Work 	1,606 	
    Construction: 1771 Concrete Work 	2,261 	
    Construction: 1794 Excavation Work 	1,652 	
    Construction: 1799 Special Trade Contractors NEC 	1,748 	
    Wholesale Trade: 
    5063 Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies and Construction 	1,740 	
    Retail Trade: 5211 Lumber and Other Building Materials Dealers 	868 	
    Finance, Insurance, Real Estate: 
    6513 Operators of Apartment Buildings 	1,567 	
    Finance, Insurance, Real Estate: 
    6531 Real Estate Agents and Managers 	4,015 	
    Finance, Insurance, Real Estate: 
    6552 Land Subdividers and Developers (Except Cemeteries) 	896 	
    Services: 7389 Business Services NEC 	2,754 	
    Services: 8011 Offices and Clinics of Doctors of Medicine 	2,021 	
    Services: 8062 General Medical and Surgical Hospitals 	1,546 	
    Services: 8111 Legal Services 	3,164 	
    Services: 8211 Elementary and Secondary Schools 	3,893 	
    Services: 8221 Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools 	1,977 	
    Services: 8231 Libraries 	2,015 	
    Services: 8322 Individual and Family Social Services 	882 	
    Services: 8711 Engineering Services 	13,971 	
    Services: 8712 Architectural Services 	13,971 	
    Services: 8741 Management Services 	1,384 	
    Services: 8742 Management Consulting Services 	1,135 	
    Services: 8748 Business Consulting Services NEC 	1,994 	
    Public Administration: 9121 Legislative Bodies     




State $15.00/M
SCF $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Industry $20.00/M
Employee Size $20.00/M
Sales Volume $20.00/M
SIC Code $20.00/M
Phones $65.00/M


Key Coding $3.50/M
PS Labels $15.00/M
Email $100.00/F
Run Charges $10.00/M