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Summit Professional Networks Insurance Database

Published by Summit Professional Networks, an ALM Business. The Summit Professionals Networks Insurance Database reaches decision making professionals with direct purchasing power within the life and health and property & casualty insurance industries.


256,386 Total Universe / Universe Rate $160.00/M
256,386 Subscribers $160.00/M
77,344 Email Addresses $275.00/M


Formerly Summit Business Media


Published by Summit Professional Networks, an ALM Business

The Summit Professionals Networks Insurance Database reaches decision making professionals with direct purchasing power within the life and health and property & casualty insurance industries. These professionals sell insurance products to clients in the business, worksite, government, senior, and Boomer sectors. They rely on Summit Professional Network publications and suite of online resources to deliver topics on successful business management and emerging industry developments. They purchase products and services ranging from accounting services to office supplies.


This database puts you in touch with professionals including presidents, owners, independent and captive agents, brokers, and risk managers. They sell and advise on a variety of insurance products including group and voluntary employee benefits, annuities, health insurance, retirement planning, disability benefits, life insurance, property and casualty insurance. These professionals create portfolios for clients that build wealth and protect against loss due to liability, illness, injury or property damage. Insurance professionals in this database read Summit Professional Networks publications for articles and commentaries on insurance marketplace trends, client relations, marketing, health and wellness initiatives, new technology, and new product developments.


Insurance professionals in this list require quality goods and services that keep them competitive and successful within their industries. They require products and services that assist them with daily business operation including computer equipment, software, electronics, mobile devices, office supplies, telecommunication systems, and business apparel. They also buy equipment and supplies like business transportation, travel supplies, folders, briefcases, brochures, audio/video equipment, white boards, promotional products, and charts.


Professionals in the Summit Professionals Networks Insurance Database are receptive to marketing offers from retailers, financial institutions, insurance providers, direct mail and email marketers, industry trade publications, tradeshow and event coordinators, and continuing education providers.


  • Primary Business   (20.00/M)
    Agent/Life Health	110,959
    Agent Prop/Casualty	86,495
    Broker Life/Health	47,325
    Broker Prop Casualty	13,219
    Insurance/Reinsurance/Personnel Prop/Casualty	11,607
    Risk Managers	6,236
    Multiline	23,144
    Financial Planners	63,658
    Registered Rep	27,597
    National Wirehouse	2,527
    Independent Brokerage	61,612
    Regional Brokerage	3,170
    CPA	1,206
    Insurance Company	14,314
    Securities Brokerage/Broker Dealer	24,999
    Property and Casualty Insurance Co.	8,105
    Investment Advisor/RIA	21,045
    Employee Benefits	1,513
    Other	34,234
    Job Title   (20.00/M)
    Presidents/Owners	45,755
    Managers/Directors/VP	34,516
    Producers	95,838
    Registered Rep	29,621
    CFO	2,489
    CIO/IT Director	3,458
    Brokerage	22,128
    Financial Planner	38,869
    Registered Advisors	31,085
    CPA	1,286
    Investment Portfolio Manager	1,647
    Lawyer	271
    Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer	229
    Risk Manager	3,764
    Controller/Asst Controller	66
    Sales Associates	56,939
    Financial Advisor/Planner	60,007
    Insurance Agent	110,856
    Insurance Broker	17,078
    Independent Agent/Advisor	81,299
    Captive Agent	25,311
    Other	23,485
    Purchasing Influence   (15.00/M)
    Annuities	68,313
    Health Benefits	94,947
    Life Insurance/Benefits	110,306
    Mutual Funds	42,543
    Retirement/401K/IRA,etc.	9,661
    Trust and Estate Planning	21,660
    Disability Benefits	61,027
    Property and Casualty	56,603
    Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Finds	53,538
    Senior Market	59,233
    Boomer Market	44,084
    Financial Planning	57,594
    FOREX	161
    Group/Worksite	88,081
    Affluent Marketplace	20,541
    Associations/Government/Bank	5,151
    Small Businesses	24,773
    Futures	633  




State $15.00/M
SCF $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Primary Business $20.00/M
Job Title $20.00/M
Purchasing Influence $15.00/M


Key Coding $3.50/M
PS Labels $15.00/M
Email $100.00/F
Run Charges $10.00/M