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Bobit Business Media Masterfile

The Bobit Business Media Masterfile reaches executives and professionals with purchasing authority in a variety of industries including automotive, public transportation, fleet transportation, aftermarket products, beauty and law enforcement.


588,471 Total Universe / Universe Rate $140.00/M
588,471 Subscribers $140.00/M
524,466 Telemarketing + $65.00/M
9,282 Canadian Subscribers $150.00/M
392,634 Males + $10.00/M
116,506 Females + $10.00/M
588,343 Business Address + $15.00/M
30,128 Home Address + $15.00/M


Published by Bobit Business Media.

The Bobit Business Media Masterfile reaches executives and professionals with purchasing authority in a variety of industries including automotive, public transportation, fleet transportation, aftermarket products, beauty and law enforcement. This list is compiled of high-level professionals who are subscribers to a variety of Bobit Business Media publications and online resources. They need quality products and services to grow their businesses and remain competitive and profitable. They purchase products ranging from business apparel to vehicle fleets to safety gear.


This list is comprised predominately of executives and business professionals including owners, CEOs, Presidents, VPs, CFOs, sales directors and fleet operations and maintenance managers. Marketers can choose from a variety of selections that put them in touch with professionals engaged in sectors including small and large automotive fleet management, green fleet management, commercial trucking, light rail and public transportation, charter services, automotive repair and tire shops, nail care, and law enforcement on a national level. These subscribers rely on Bobit Media Business magazines to keep them informed on topics including marketing, employee training, fleet operations, financing, risk management, vehicle maintenance, alternative fuels, hybrid vehicles, and passenger security as well as non-transportation industry topics of police training and education, patrolling, and beauty fashion trends.


Reach executive management and related professionals who have the purchasing power in the automotive and fleet transportation sector to buy trucks, refrigerated vans, limousines, school and charter buses, GPS systems, load securing supplies, truck parts, fuel storage containers, electronic components, maintenance supplies, tools, warranties, automotive care products, uniforms, corporate gifts, and promotional products. Target law enforcement officers and executives who require safety products, weapons and ammunition, car and body cameras, K-9 supplies, radar detectors, and more. Contact owners in the nail care industry who purchase artificial nails, nail art, spa and skin care supplies, and cleansers.


Business professionals in the Bobit Business Media Masterfile list are responsive to marketing offers from retailers, wholesalers, direct mail and email marketers, computer and software firms, tradeshow coordinators, vehicle manufacturers, regulatory agencies, legal firms, accounting firms, insurance agencies, industry publications, financial institutions, and continuing education providers. Multi-channel marketing available.


To make informed business and purchasing decisions, these professionals rely on publications such as Auto Rental News, Auto Service Professional, Automotive Fleet, Business Fleet, F&I and Showroom, Fleet Financials, Government Fleet, Heavy Duty Trucking, Limousine, Charter & Tour, Metro, Modern Tire Dealer, Nails, Police-The Law Enforcement Magazine, School Bus Fleet, and Work Truck.


    Job Function / Title   (20.00/M)
    Administration 	360 	
    Auto Tech Instr/Schl Admin 	164 	
    Bus Driver 	579 	
    Captain/Commander/Major 	4,093 	
    Chauffeur/Ind Contractor 	397 	
    Chief/Sheriff/Supt 	19,115 	
    City/County Manager 	1,948 	
    Corporate Management (Owner/Dealer Principal) 	130,852 	
    Detective/Invest/Inspector 	765 	
    Distributor 	231 	
    Driver Trainer 	1,742 	
    Educator 	748 	
    Elected Government Official 	1,353 	
    Engineering 	1,351 	
    Esthetician 	413 	
    Executive Manager 	148,169 	
    Financial Management /Cfp/Controller 	8,506 	
    Fleet Manager/Administrator 	27,508 	
    General Manager/Other Manager 	11,177 	
    Hair Stylist Only 	255 	
    Hair Stylist/Colorist 	204 	
    Manufacturer 	262 	
    Nail Technician 	13,355 	
    Officer/Deputy/Trooper 	2,933 	
    Operations Manager 	30,895 	
    Other 	24,103 	
    President 	5,617 	
    Public Works Director/Manager/Supervisor 	1,331 	
    Purchasing Manager 	23,140 	
    Risk Manager / Safety Manager / Director 	4,582 	
    Sales/Client Services/Sales Mgr 	30,163 	
    Salon/Spa Manager 	2,802 	
    Salon/Spa Owner 	37,690 	
    School Superintendent/Adm 	5,067 	
    Sergeant/Lieutenant 	7,294 	
    Service/Maintenance Mgr 	13,430 	
    Special Agent/Fed Agent 	837 	
    Student 	1,518 	
    Technical/Information Services Director/Manag 	234 	
    Training Officer/Corporal 	565 	
    Trans/Fleet Dir/Mgr/Supvr 	15,022 	
    Vice President 	530 	
    Business / Industry Type   (20.00/M)
    Academy/School/Training Ctr 	1,899 	
    Aftermarket Parts/Service 	1,017 	
    Auto Tech School/Dpt/Pgm 	184 	
    Auto/Light Truck Fleet 	3,724 	
    Automotive Repair Shop 	5,141 	
    Beauty/Cosmetology School 	2,122 	
    Captive(Fac)Or Ind F&I Splr 	1,085 	
    Charter/Tour 	1,667 	
    City /Municipal 	24,391 	
    Coachbuilder/Supplier 	826 	
    College/Univ Transit 	203 	
    Commercial/Corporate Company 	20,091 	
    Consultant/Engrg/Architect 	2,255 	
    Contractor Company 	2,790 	
    Corrections 	377 	
    County 	10,946 	
    Engine Dealer/Distributor 	150 	
    Equipment Dealer 	57 	
    Federal 	2,299 	
    Fleet Leasing Company 	1,270 	
    Fleet Management 	517 	
    Trucks/Tractors/Trailers For Hire Company Operation 	43,947 	
    Government All Bodies 	9,804 	
    Headquarters 	423 	
    Hotel Ground Trans Svc 	389 	
    Independent FandI Agent 	1,015 	
    Independent Svc Provider 	351 	
    Industry Supplier 	1,057 	
    Limousine/Bus/Sedan Dealer 	230 	
    Limousine/Bus/Sedan Svc 	8,762 	
    Local/Replacement/Dealer 	1,831 	
    Manufacturer/Distributor 	3,684 	
    Mobile/Home-Based Salon 	4,204 	
    Car rental Near-Airport 	436 	
    New Car Dealer/Truck 	18,708 	
    Car rental On-Airport 	622 	
    Other 	13,698 	
    Other Vehicle Repair Facility 	5,529 	
    Passenger Rail Transit 	1,817 	
    Police Equipment Manufacturer 	69 	
    Primary/Secondary School Transit (K-12) 	896 	
    Trucks/Tractors/Trailers Private Company Operation 	69,670 	
    Private Buyer/Corp 	156 	
    Private School 	911 	
    Private Security 	778 	
    Private/Specialty Bus & Shuttles 	2,872 	
    Private/Tour/Charter/Specialty Bus 	670 	
    Public Bus System 	5,850 	
    Public Multi-Modal System 	3,051 	
    Public School 	23,915 	
    Remarketer 	180 	
    Retail Leasing Company 	5,923 	
    Salon 	49,202 	
    Spa (Day/Hotel/Destination) 	2,567 	
    State Government 	6,674 	
    Supplier/Service Co. 	391 	
    Tire Dealer With Service Bays 	46,806 	
    Tour and Charter Bus 	4,147 	
    Transit Agency/Board 	1,228 	
    Truck And Trailer Dealer 	5,602 	
    Truck Rental 	5,943 	
    Used Car Dealer/Truck 	138 	
    Utility 	1,434 	
    Vehicle Dealer 	357 	
    Vehicle Mfg/Financial 	328 	
    Vehicle Rental Company 	6,042 	
    Fleet Size   (20.00/M)
    1-9 Fleet Size 	53,133 	
    10-24 Fleet Size 	45,761 	
    25-99 Fleet Size 	37,007 	
    100-499 Fleet Size 	17,309 	
    500 And Over Fleet Size 	15,200 	 	  




SCF $15.00/M
State $15.00/M
Zip $15.00/M
Country $15.00/M
Gender $10.00/M
Job Function / Title $20.00/M
Business / Industry Type $20.00/M
Home / Business Address $15.00/M
Telemarketing $65.00/M
Fleet Size $20.00/M


Key Coding $3.50/M
P/S Labels $15.00/M
Email $100.00/F
Run Charges $10.00/M