StatLead-Gen is highly configurable and can support simple lead collection/delivery, as well as intricate targeting and distribution, capable of meeting the needs of any publisher or advertiser. Below is a simple example of how the StatLead-Gen system intelligently displays offers and routes leads.

  1. Online registration form collects registrant information.
  2. Upon submission, Publisher simultaneously records information in their database, and seamlessly redirects registrant to a URL provided by the Statlistics Co-Reg system.
  3. The StatLead-Gen system displays a list of advertiser offers that have been pre-approved by the Publisher.

The StatLead-Gen system is an advanced offer-serving technology which distributes targeted advertisements that generate highly qualified leads.

By giving publishers the opportunity to create extensive and customized filters for both displaying an offer and qualifying the lead, the StatLead-Gen system stands out as unique and superior.

If a registrant’s data does not meet an advertiser’s specific criteria, the offer is not displayed, thus eliminating the casual clicker.

The StatLead-Gen program allows publishers to maintain their distinct brand identity while offering advertisers a precise and valuable lead.

Using a special custom question feature, information is collected far beyond the typical lead data, which provides a filtering system that can distinguish both qualified and unqualified leads.

The unique targeting and qualification abilities of the StatLead-Gen system commands increased advertiser bounties due to the increased quality of lead flow.

BENEFITS: To Publisher
  1. Generates additional revenue from existing registration process
  2. Reduces subscriber acquisition costs
  3. Maintain control over advertiser approval process
  4. Adds value to existing channels, current advertisers and subscribers
  5. One-time setup

To Advertiser
  1. Precision targeted lead matching using demographic data and custom filters
  2. Offer not displayed unless registrant meets predetermined criteria
  3. Eliminates risk by only paying for leads that are new contacts
  4. Quick, easy and guaranteed way to build database
  5. Leads are exclusive
To Subscriber
  1. Only see relevant and complementary ads
  2. One-click system, saves time, no need to provide repetitive information
  3. User friendly: it appears part of registration process

For Further Information Contact:

Jen O’Brien
VP Business Development

Jen O’Brien