Data Hygiene

Your Customer contact database is your most valuable asset. In order to maintain clean, accurate customer data, ongoing data hygiene is essential. Our highly experienced team has the tools and know-how to tackle your toughest data quality issues and create a roadmap of continuous data quality improvement.
Our data hygiene services include:


Standardize addresses to meet USPS® requirements, update incorrect or missing address elements.

DNC Suppression

Identify and remove the telephone numbers of consumers who have registered with the National Do Not Call Registry.

Bankruptcy Suppression

Removes the records of consumers where a bankruptcy, judgment, or tax lien is present in the household.

Deceased Suppression

Remove deceased individuals from your database by utilizing our deceased suppression service. Sourced from the Social Security Administration’s Deceased file along with other state and federal sources, eliminate wasted mailings and unwanted mail from being delivered to the decedent’s family.


Ensure Move Update compliance when you receive new addresses for individuals, families, and businesses that have moved in the last 48 months.


Proprietary Change of Address utilizes sources independent of the USPS NCOALink® database. Approximately 40% of all moves are not reported to the USPS with a change of address notice and, therefore, are not tracked within the NCOA database. PCOA provides an additional layer of move updating by utilizing a historical name and address file that goes back over 30 years and consists of archive files from consumer data compilers, magazine publishers and credit card companies.

Prison Suppression

Identify and eliminate addresses that are associated with state and federal prisons, county correctional facilities and city jails throughout the United States.

Do Not Mail Suppression

Flag the names and addresses of consumers on your database who have registered with the Direct Marketing Association’s DMAChoice service to opt-out from receiving direct mail solicitations.